Monday, January 24, 2011

Moronic Monday - StupidBearsfansayswhat?

In the spirit of this past weekend, today's Moronic Monday comes from Bears territory.  (This happened before yesterday's game, so they were still delusional at the time.)

A bit of background on this little gem:  Many Packers fans were "upset" with Brett Favre over his retirement charade ("I'm retired!  No I'm not!  Yes I am!  Gimme my job!") and especially unhappy with his decision to join the enemy (The Vikings).  Check out my "Brett Who?" post for some more info.

Anyway, as a result, a fantastic shirt was made.  The shirt, seen here, now has a bit of a cult following.  The idea of the shirt - We'll Never Forget You Brent - is that we have, of course, already forgotten him.  We know his name isn't Brent.  That's the joke.

And while most people who encounter this shirt realize its true genius, the Bear blogger of this idiot post clearly did NOT understand the concept.  "Wow.  They don’t even know Favre’s first name," he notes.  "...How can you forget someone when you don’t even know their name?"

Many, MANY comments were made with essentially the same message: It's sarcasm; you're an idiot.

Even a (presumably) fellow Bears fan points this out: As much as I’d like to make fun of the company who made this shirt, “Brent” isn’t a typo. They’re poking fun at Brett by saying, “We’ll never forget you”, yet we’re already forgetting how to spell your name...

Just goes to show that not only do the Bears still suck, so do their fans.*

Oh yeah, and for the record...  SUPER BOWL, BABY!!!  HELLS YEAH!!!  :-)

*With a few exceptions, of course.  <3

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