Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Frickin' Freezin', Mr. Bigglesworth...

Seriously.  Right now it's -5 degrees F outside, with a windchill of -24.  Today's high is 9.  I really hate when the high is a single digit like that.  Makes me frowny.  :-(

On the up side, it is finally Friday.  Huzzah!  This Friday I'm all anxious because I have lots (and I mean LOTS) of reading to do this weekend for my psych class.  I tried to make it through the first chapter of reading last night...  Of the 22 pages, I made it through 13 of them.  And it took me 2 hours.  I normally LOVE this stuff, but it's still intro reading and, as such, boring as hell.  Boo.

Anywhoozles, today I think I need some more mellow songs to keep me from jumping right out of my skin.  You know, something to sway to, something to sing to...  Things like that.  Nothing too bouncy, but not too sad either.  Here are my choices (links included):

1) Bruno Mars - "The Lazy Song"  I said last week that if you needed a more mellow song, this one would be my suggestion.  I just effing love Bruno Mars, and this song is the perfect chill out song.
2) Incubus - "Are You In?"  Actually, most Incubus songs would fit for a mellow day.  I picked this one because it's mellow-ish while staying fun.
3) Melody Gardot - "Baby I'm A Fool"  OK, so this one's maybe a touch sad, but still nice.  Melody has a great voice and her smooth, jazzy style is just right for today.
4) Plain White T's - "Rhythm of Love"  To counter the previous song, this one is a bit bouncier, but still calms my nerves.
5) UB40 - "Red Red Wine"  If you grew up in the 90's, you should have a soft spot for this one.  Yes, I know it's a remake, but this reggae version is more fun and more chill than the original, if you ask me.

Got any chill songs to share with me?  Leave a comment!

TGIF to you all! <3

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