Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brett Who?

As I'm sure any true Packers fan will tell you, last night's game was nothing short of fantastic.  Yes, it started poorly, but we came back strong and didn't back down.  It was beautiful.

My favorite part (aside from the fact that we're headed to the NFC Championship game!) was that during the entire course of the game, I didn't hear the name "Brett Favre" once.  Sure, he got a brief mention during the pre-game and another just after the clock ran out at the end, but during the actual game, there was nothing.

Let me clear up my feelings on this:
  • I will always look back and think of Brett Favre fondly as a Packer.  He was an amazing player and a huge part of our Super Bowl XXXI glory, and for that I will always be grateful.  
  • Once he decided to screw us over by un-retiring and not wanting to give Aaron Rodgers the chance he'd been promised, I started doubting Brett as a person.  I mean, who does that?  When he went to the Jets, I was disappointed in him, but I vowed to move past it.  It was the beginning of Aaron's era.  Still, every Packers game was riddled with commentary about Brett Favre.
  • When he decided to un-retire AGAIN, this time going to the Vikings, I lost all faith in Brett.  It's one thing to go play for another team.  It's another to join the enemy.  Unforgivable.  And yet, there continued to be talk of Favre during Packers games.  It was either comparisons of Rodgers and Favre, or talking about Favre's glory days, or mentions of what the Vikings were up to...  Ugh.  Enough, already!

As I said, I will always look back fondly on Brett as a Packer.  Post-Packers, I refuse to give him ANY credit for ANYTHING he did.  The fact is, he screwed up.  He put himself ahead of the team, and that wasn't something I ever thought he would do.  I thought he was a true Packer, and I'm sad to say I was so horribly wrong.  So yes, it gives me GREAT pleasure that he didn't get a single mention during this Packers game.  Because I'm so over him.  

Brett Favre is like your high school sweetheart (with a few exceptions, of course).  You can look back fondly at the time you were together, because he (or she) was the world to you and he could do no wrong.  You had amazing experiences together and you'll never forget that. 

But once he started screwing around after you went away to college, he lost all credibility.  You two were done and it was time to move on.  Only everyone around you kept mentioning him, and in your mind, you were always comparing other guys to him.

Once you found out he ended up with that popular girl from high school (the bitch everyone hated, who thought she was all that, but was just a classless whore), it was SO done.  She can have your sloppy seconds; you've got a new man.  And he's even MORE amazing.

Brett Who?

That's what I thought.   

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