Friday, January 7, 2011

Maxine: Protector of... Herself?

So, I have no doubt that our dog loves us.  She enjoys cuddling with us and is always happy when we come home, no matter how long we've been away.  She plays with us and barks at "intruders" (aka friends who have come into the house).  There is much love, and we give as much as we can in return.  (I'm not sure humans are actually capable of the level of love dogs are, which is why I say that we give as much as we can.)

HOWEVER, I have noticed one thing that makes her forget her loyalty to the ones who feed her, walk her, buy her stuff, and love her unconditionally: the vacuum.  

Yes, I know dogs (and cats) are notoriously afraid of this evil monster we use to clean our floors.  They're noisy and they appear seemingly out of nowhere to interrupt the day's events (usually naptime).  I imagine Maxi sitting there wondering why we would align ourselves with such an awful being.  Makes sense, I suppose.  We're the ones hanging out with it, touching it.  We show no mercy when it comes time to vacuum.  Floors beware!

And yet, as horrible as this "creature" must be, when it comes time to fight or flight, the dog inevitably runs like hell.  She doesn't bother trying to protect us from what she clearly sees as Enemy #1.  Hell, after the first time I brought it out, she doesn't even bother barking at the thing anymore.  She sees it and freezes.  Then, as soon as the noise begins, she looks for an escape route.  Every dog for herself!

I suppose people are a lot like that, too.  We all have something that cripples us to the point where we're useless even to the ones we love most.  But it just makes me wonder just how loyal my puppers really is...

Aw, hell.  She's cute.  I'll let it slide.


  1. This totally made me laugh, because Basil is a wee bit strange around the vacuum too. She chases it though, like she thinks its this terrifying game she has to play with it. I get it out and she comes running, I turn it on, she goes running, but she always comes back and then runs again. Once, when we first got her, she threw up right in front of the vacuum. I think because she thought I was chasing her with the evil thing...who knows. And sometimes, not always, she barks at it like she barks at the mail man.

  2. LOL, the first time we got the vacuum out, Maxi was sniffing it like anything else... Until we turned it on. Holy hell, you would've thought she was going to kill it. So ferocious! But ever since, she just runs away and hides. In fact, last time, she hid under our bed and refused to come out for half an hour, so I shut the door ahead of time, since it's a pain to coax her out.