Monday, January 10, 2011

Moronic Monday - Shopping For Morons

It may seem like a weak connection for Moronic Monday, but seriously? Anyone who goes out in public like these people has to be a freakin' idiot.  There's really nothing else to explain most of those looks.

Ok, I suppose some of them could have been doing it on purpose (especially the group wearing newspapers...  God, I can only hope that was supposed to be some kind of message or something).  And some of the butt-flossers could have just been caught at the wrong moment (hey, these things happen).  But I really just believe most of them lack the brain power to realize what they're wearing makes them look like they belong on the special bus and/or the ability to keep track of dates (thus they didn't realize it's not Halloween anymore).

Either way, I could walk into Walmart in my PJs and look more capable than most of these folks.  And that makes me feel good.  Happy Monday, everyone!

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