Thursday, December 2, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

YES!!!  My packages finally came!!!  FCOL, man...

When I went on my lunch break at 1, I noticed a mini van pull into our driveway and thought, "Aha!!!  They're finally here!"  The guy was nice enough...  A little spacey (or high - he asked me how I was doing today...  twice...  within a minute...), but polite.  I doubt he has any clue what I've been going through waiting for these damn packages.

So, the full update is that I have my packages.  No response yet from the shipping company, and no response from Amazon (though, in all fairness, I just sent them an email an hour or so ago), but I have my shit.  This pleases me.

What have I been waiting for, you ask?  Glee: The Music, Volume 4, a knife for my hubby, and a Christmas present.  Nothing spectacular, but still great nonetheless.  :-) 

Edit: At 1:42 PM, I got the following from the shipping company.

Thank you for contacting the XXXX Customer Support Center.  We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance with your delivery needs and are committed to providing the highest degree of customer service.

We have received your email regarding the status of your Amazon orders AAAA, BBBB and CCCC.

Our driver has indicated the order has been delivered and left at your front door.

Please contact Amazon at 866-216-1072 for further assistance and information.

Thanks again for contacting the XXXX Customer Support Center.  We look forward to handling your future delivery needs and truly appreciate your business." 

Awesome.  Thanks for waiting to answer until 30 minutes after I got my delivery.  Which, of course, was 3 days late.  That's really professional.   

Also, I feel I must point out that the driver clearly did not leave it at my front door.  He delivered it to me personally, as I answered the door.  They also didn't address any of my concerns regarding the inaccurate information on their site.  Here's hoping Amazon gives them the boot soon...

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