Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recipient Not Home

So, as I believe I've mentioned before, I work from home.  This means, of course, that I'm home the VAST majority of the time.  I'm up around 7:30 AM and I'm here working until about 4:30 PM.  I don't go out for lunch (I only get 30 minutes, so I'd spend at least half of that in the car if I let), I don't travel for my job, and my "office" area is next to the front door.

And yet, two days this week, a particular delivery service has left notes on their site indicating that I, the recipient, was not home at the time of their attempted deliveries.  

I call shenanigans.

Here's what I sent them through their "Contact Us" feature (with some info removed for privacy/security reasons):

I'm currently waiting on the following shipments: AAAA, BBBB, and CCCC.

The first two shipments show an attempted delivery on Monday morning (11/29).  I was home all day and did not hear the doorbell or a knock at the door, so I'm not sure how I missed this delivery attempt.

On 11/30, I was contacted twice to tell me that my shipments had been delayed and would arrive the following day (Wed, 12/1). 

On 12/1, I checked the site, which indicated that the packages were out for delivery at 9:59 AM.  Again, I was home all day and continued to check for updates.  This morning when I checked, the site indicated that an attempted delivery was made at either 7:10 AM or 9:10 AM (depending on which tracking number I look up) yesterday morning.  Since the site didn't indicate they were out for delivery until almost 10 AM, I'm not sure how that works.

I can shrug off the first "attempted delivery" as it could be possible that I somehow missed it (though, I'm not sure how my dog would have missed someone knocking or ringing the doorbell - she's pretty sensitive to those sounds).  But I know I was home all day yesterday, waiting for my packages.

I don't know if the data is being entered incorrectly, if delivery attempts really are being made, or what is going on.  If possible, I would like an email explanation of what the issue may be and when I can expect my shipments to arrive (your site says they are "out for delivery" again this morning, but I just don't know that I can trust that information). 

Thank for your time and assistance.

So, as you can see, something is not quite right.  My personal belief is that they didn't attempt any sort of delivery at all.  Rather, I think the "delay" is the real issue (for what reason, I couldn't even begin to speculate), and they're just trying to cover their asses.  I'm sure this works for 75-90% of the time, since many people are NOT home during business hours.  But for the few of us home all day?  Not so much.

This wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for the fact that I have an Amazon Prime account and get free 2-day shipping.  What if I had been counting on that 2 day shipping time?  Even though they aren't time-sensitive, it still irks the hell out of me because I've been promised that delivery time.  I was looking forward to getting the first two packages on Monday and the last on Tuesday or even Wednesday.  Now it's Thursday morning and I haven't seen hide nor hair of them.  Not cool.

I'll try to keep you all updated as to when the packages arrive, what kind of response I get, etc.  In the meantime, remember to smile.  It could always be worse.

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