Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hump Day - A Follow Up Story

If you'll recall, I previously wrote about a woman who attempted to assault a police officer with a sex toy after she had skipped out on paying her bill at a local restaurant.  (If you don't recall, go back a few hump days and you'll find it.)

Well, for the curious, here's a follow up story!  

The police report indicates that the woman charged an officer with a "clear, rigid feminine pleasure device," which the officer was able to deflect without injury.  The woman is apparently set to plead not-guilty, and her lawyer says that the officer who wrote the report should be "ashamed of himself" for including information about the sex toy assault.

Really?  Your client's the one who skipped out on her bill and then threw a dildo at a police officer, and the officer is the one you think should feel ashamed?  That's a defense attorney for you... 

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