Monday, December 27, 2010

Moronic Monday - Congrats! You Made The News...

In many of these cases, however, I think most of us would want to avoid the spotlight.  In fact, someone else can gladly have my 15 minutes of fame...

Although they aren't all moronic, many of them are.  And the rest are just plain amusing.

My favorite?
"LAKE BLUFF, Feb. 27 -- A resident of the 500 block of Shore Acres took two days to report finding a 6-foot concrete ostrich on his front porch."

Um...  To whom, exactly, does one report a giant concrete bird?  And what is the standard time-frame for doing so?  I'm not sure I actually would report it.  I think I'd keep it there and track how long it takes for someone to contact ME about it.  And if nothing else, I'd decorate it for the holidays.   

P.S.  The cookies ultimately failed and fell back into their natural state of goo.  Sad.

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