Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hump Day - Is There a Payphone I Can Use?

Oh, readers...  This may take the cake on the hump day posts thus far.  

(Fair warning - you might not want to click the links if you're in a public setting and easily embarrassed.  The pictures aren't graphic, but they sure are hysterical.)

Sure, you can use your phone for sexting, if that does it for you, but then what?  You're stuck, right?  

Not anymore.  Introducing, the MobileRyder, the first sex toy cell phone accessory.  No, I'm really not kidding.  This thing exists.  

According to the site, "your friends are already whispering about" this crazy product, and a "Super Sexy A List Celebrity" is quoted praising them for inventing this thing.  Seriously?  It's a phone cover with a dildo attached.  Why the hell would anyone buy this, let alone invent the damn thing??

But, as we all know, if it's out there, someone will buy it.  And the worst part is, you may never know who has been humping their phone and who hasn't.  As one blog notes, you'll never want to borrow a friend's phone again.  With this on the market, who knows where that thing has been, right?  -shudder-  

Maybe it's time to bring back payphones... 

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