Thursday, November 18, 2010

It Would Seem...

...that I'm talking (er, writing...  typing?) mostly for myself.  I think my husband just read over the blog yesterday for the first time ("Did you know all your hump day blogs are about sex?"  "Uh... yes?"), and I know I have 2 or 3 friends following along from time to time (hey ladies!), so that's nice.  But honestly, that's all I really need/expected/care for anyway.  I can't imagine random strangers being interested, since this isn't an awesome themed blog like Mandy's Disney blog or Kristy's tourist traps blog, and they would probably get confused (or, at least, bored) by the randomness that is me.

Anywhoozles, being that most of you should be personal friends, I will use this post to ask you for money.  MUAHAHAHA!!!

Ok, it's not evil like that, I promise.  Actually, I'm raising money for the upcoming MDA Walk in Madison, and we could sure use some donations!  If you can, click here to read about why I'm walking and why I'm asking for your support. 

And hey, if you'd rather walk with us than donate, please do!  Our team is the Muscle Mafia, so feel free to register and join our team!  :-)

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