Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hump Day - Post Elections

I'll admit it: I didn't vote.

Nope.  Did not vote.  Why didn't I vote?  Well, I didn't feel informed enough to vote.  I have so much else I'd rather pay attention to, that politics just goes right over my head.  So when it comes to Election Day, I'm usually pretty clueless.  

Sure, I could have voted anyway.  I could have voted all Dem because I tend to align myself that way more often than not.  I could have voted all Rep because I'm angry or bitter.  I could have voted by whose name sounds silliest.  Or created a pretty pattern with my selections.  Or voted for Mickey Mouse or Kodos (which, I am proud to say, I have done in the past).  Or left the whole thing blank!

Would any of these have been better?  Maybe so.  I'm sure there's an argument out there for them.  But in my heart, if I don't know who I believe is best suited for the job, then I don't feel qualified to vote.  And that's my decision.

On a lighter note, it's Hump Day!  And as such, I have a special post-election hump day link to share!

For those who feel like they've been f*cked by the president, now they can f*ck him back!  Yes, friends, there's an Obama sex doll available in China.  Check it out.

Note: The Obama sex doll can be used for non-angry sex, too.  Just sayin'.  ;-)


  1. I respect that. I'd rather have someone who doesn't feel comfortable enough to make an educated vote NOT vote, than someone who has no idea what they're doing vote simply because they can.

    And OMG. An Obama sex doll. This is wrong on so many levels. Great marketing though I guess! LOL!

  2. Hey! That was my argument in college for not voting and I got a whole ton of crap for it! I still get a ton of crap from my brother if I even think two seconds about voting because I do not know anything. I never feel well informed enough to vote for everything on ballots, but I have come to accept you cannot be fully informed in this world. I kind of wanted to laugh out loud in the voting booth yesterday, but I have a deep seated dislike for Joe Miller, so I figured I should do something about it.

    And yay! You have a blog!