Monday, November 1, 2010

For real?

November, I am SO not ready for you.  I want October back!

Anywhoozles, came home last night to find this beautiful orange kitty on our front step, sitting with our pumpkins.  Had it not been so dark, I would've taken a picture - it was too perfect.  Friendly little thing, too.  And so soft!  Sometimes I miss having a cat.  Too bad hub's allergic.  Le sigh.

Visitation was fine, but good GOD (pun only semi-intended) - the rosary went on FOREVER.  I had no idea they were going to say it, or how long it would take, but for crying out loud!  What in the world does repeating the same thing over and over and over do for you?  If God didn't hear it the first time, what makes you think the 23rd time is going to matter?  Or the 50th??  (Sorry if I offend any of my more religious friends; I respect your decision to believe anything you want and worship accordingly, but from an outside perspective, it just seemed a bit ridiculous!)

Also, we have a metric shit-ton of leftover Halloween candy.  I think we got a total of 15 trick or treat-ers... At most.  Candy, here I come!  Om nom nom nom nom!! 

Well, here's hoping that I can handle whatever November brings my way... 

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