Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wed-nes-day CT

Yep, it's Wednesday. You know what that means... Crime Time!

A resident reported fraudulent use of his credit card, which he still had, at 5:30 p.m. April 27. It had been used at stores in Grand Avenue and Mayfair malls purchasing items valued at more than $700 including electronics and Major League Baseball caps from a number of teams including the New York Yankees, Seattle Pilots and Philadelphia Phillies. There was also a charge for $12 at Panera Bread. 

Rookie mistake. You need to carbo-load BEFORE the shopping.

Five Cudahy residents were arrested for disorderly conduct at a duplex in the 5900 block of South Hately Avenue, at around 7 a.m. April 30, after they engaged in a brawl over a dispute between the two families living in the duplex. The incident began when a 21-year-old man, also charged with battery and the only person that does not live on the premises, confronted a 23-year-old man over alleged insults to his mother. The younger man began punching the older man, and both men picked up small bats. The older man's 18-year-old wife then attacked the other man with her own bat, at which point the younger man's 17-year-old sister and 38-year-old mother entered the fray to subdue her. The 21-year-old man was hospitalized for a deep wound he received to his head.

Remember: Yo Mama jokes are only funny if everyone's in on the joke.

An 18-year-old Cudahy man was arrested for firing his handgun at a man in a passing car near 14th and Minnesota avenues, around 3 p.m. April 30. A resident followed the man's car to record his license plate number, and about 30 minutes later the man was located hiding behind a door in a residence in the 900 block of West Harrison Avenue in Milwaukee, and brought back to South Milwaukee. The victim was not injured, but at least one bullet pierced his car. The victim said that the shooting was about a drug deal that had gone bad a year ago, while the perpetrator said that it was because the victim had set him up in a robbery case.  

So, this was either about a bad drug deal from a year ago or because someone was framed for robbery? Seems legit.

A 35-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for shoplifting women's clothing and a purse at Goodwill Industries, 6941 S. Riverwood Blvd., at 1:35 p.m. May 3.

A 30-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested for shoplifting after he was seen concealing merchandise at Goodwill Industries, 6941 S. Riverwood Blvd., at 3:20 p.m. May 3. 

Dude. It's Goodwill. If you need it badly enough, just ask.

A 51-year-old man was arrested for shoplifting after police found $53 worth of hair clippers in his possession that belonged to Walmart, 6701 S. 27th St., after he was found passed out in Oak Creek at 2:55 p.m. May 4. After being booked and cited, the man was taken to West Allis Memorial Hospital for evaluation.  

Seems like a pretty hairy situation. 

A 59-year-old Mequon man was arrested for possession of 5.6 grams of marijuana found in a backpack at the Clark Station, 10355 N. Port Washington Road, at 10:35 a.m. April 24. The man had ridden his bicycle to the station and left the backpack on a newspaper box. Police were called and found the marijuana along with the man's cellphone. He was identified and told to get his property at the station. When he arrived later that afternoon, he immediately identified the backpack as his and after looking inside said, "Yes, everything's here."  

"I'm gonna get my weed back too, right? Right? Aw, shit."

Irrigation supplies and a well pump were stolen at Nature's Nook, 9801 S. 27th St., between Feb. 28 and 8 a.m. April 30.

Who steals irrigation supplies?? And how does that even get started? "Hey, man. You know what I could really use? Some irrigation supplies." "Dude, I was JUST thinking about how much I need a well pump!" "Wanna go steal 'em?" "Sure!"

A woman called police to complain about a man that was littering after she saw him placing large plastic bags full of garbage in the trees and on the ground in the 9000 block of South Aspen Drive at 7:15 p.m. April 28. Officers responded to the area and found six bags of garbage on South Aspen Drive and 30 bags of garbage below the Oak Leaf Park sign on Centennial Drive. The park was very clean with the exception of the basketball courts, and police later learned the man was part of a group was out cleaning up the community for Earth Day.

Damn those good Samaritans!  Wait...

A resident in the 5000 block of South Brookdale Drive reported a wolf or coyote in her yard at 7:40 p.m. May 5. Officers were unable to locate the animal. 

A resident in the 9600 block of South Shepard Avenue reported seeing a coyote walking on the bike path between Howell and Shepard across from East Middle School at 8:25 a.m. April 24. The caller was concerned for children who use the path to get to school and wanted officers to check the area. An officer checked the area but did not locate any coyotes.

You'd think that the cops would have something better to do than check up on a litterer or chase invisible/imaginary coyotes, but from experience I can tell you that some of the cops in the 'burbs get pretty bored and will jump on the chance to do anything police-like. 

So stay safe and stay smart, friends, lest you end up in my weekly Crime Time... 

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