Monday, November 26, 2012

Bring on the Turkey!

Nov. 22 - On Thanksgiving Day, I was thankful for...

Thanksgiving Day!

In my family, we don't really treat Thanksgiving like a big holiday. Once or twice we made an event of it, but more often than not, it was just my parents and me. These days that includes Hubby and Maxine, but the concept is the same. We watch the Macy's parade in the morning, then it's on to the dog show or football (depending on which seems more important at the time; this year the dog show won). We spend the afternoon lounging around and hanging out as a family. Then we have dinner around 7 or so and dessert after that. Ta-da!

This year we went out for a bit in the afternoon so Hubby could play disc golf. It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately 1) it was windy as hell and 2) the course didn't allow dogs. So he shot 3 or 4 holes and we headed back to the car. The one thing I'm disappointed about is that we didn't do our annual hand turkey drawings (you know what I'm talking about; tracing your hand and then decorating it until it loosely resembles a turkey). We have them from every year since 2006, but this year I totally forgot. :( 

It was still a successful and relaxing day, though, so I can't be too upset. It was an excuse to hang out with my parents, have a fire in the fireplace, lounge around and eat a ton of great food. Definitely thankful for that.

Nov. 23 - On Friday, I was thankful for...


If you don't have glasses, you probably don't understand. If you do, then hopefully you feel the same way.

I wanted glasses SO BAD when I was a kid. Silly me. I didn't really need them; I had some astigmatism, but my sight was mostly fine. In high school, I wore them for 6 months straight on an agreement with my parents that at the end of the 6 months, I could get colored contacts. I went through 3 or 4 glasses cases (they kept breaking in my backpack) and at least 2 sets of frames, but I made it. I don't think they knew how badly I wanted those contacts...  Anywhoozles, I got these crazy aqua contacts (I wanted brown, but when my pupils constricted, you could see the grey of my eyes and it looked weird). People were always complimenting my eyes, and I loved it. For awhile. 

Then I got tired of contacts, and just went without. I'd slip them on occasionally when I was on the computer for a long time or if I was driving somewhere unfamiliar at night. Otherwise, they just sat in their case (a nice, strong one). I started wearing them more frequently when I got my job in 2005, and in 2007, I decided to get a new pair. Hubby helped pick them out, and I've been wearing them since.

Now when I take my glasses off, I'm reminded of how nice it is to be able to see clearly. Sure, they get smudged, and I wish they had wipers for rain and snow. And they slip down my nose when I'm sweating. And if I want to wear sunglasses, I have to change into my (non-colored) contacts. But they let me see the world the way it's meant to be seen; crisp and clear and colorful. Everything is easier to read, and glasses are WAY more attractive than squinting all the time. Plus, they help get rid of some of my headaches, which is worth a post all by itself!

So, yes, I'm stuck with glasses. Probably for the rest of my life. But I can see, and for that, I'm thankful.  

P.S. As an alternative, I'm also thankful that I'm not crazy enough to participate in Black Friday. Sleeping in FTW! :)

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