Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Ready...

For some football!!!

Yes, kids, it's football season.  Just under 7 hours to kickoff and already I can hardly contain myself!  Looking forward to watching the Packers crush the Saints tonight in Green Bay.  Puppers is already wearing her Packers jersey, and Hubby and I will be joining her later.  

What's your favorite part about football season or what are you looking forward to most this season?

Personally, I'd love to see Ryan Grant have an excellent year (after being out most of last season) and I can't wait to see Clay Matthews make his first sack.  And, as always, I look forward to seeing Donald Driver's beautiful smile all season long. :) 

Da-nah, da nah nah nah...  



  1. If I am honest, my favorite part of football season are the afternoon games because I usually have the best naps during those. ;P Though, here in AK, the afternoon games start too early and are over by prime nap time. It's also odd making sure I'm up by nine on Sundays in order to catch the start of games.

    BTW: Tonight's game was awesome. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Basil did not. She doesn't like when I shout at the TV.

  2. Hey, football naps can be amazing, I agree! But being up at 9 to watch football just seems weird. Silly Alaska!