Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Next Stop: Vegas, Please!

Tomorrow night I hop on my flight to Las Vegas!  While I will miss my hubby and the puppers, I'm really excited to spend another birthday out west.  :-)

The first birthday I spent in Vegas was my 22nd birthday.  Now that I'll be turning 27, things are a little different.  For example, I'm married.  Last time I was "kind of dating" someone (my hubby's best friend, in fact).  Kind of a big difference.  Also, I (probably) won't be getting anything pierced this time (whereas at 22 I got my bellybutton pierced at a placed called Precious Slut).  And the biggest difference is that I get to bring my sister home with me!

Again, as previously mentioned, I'm technically an only child.  But, I grew up next door to my best friend and her siblings, who I have adopted as my own.  K and S, my closest sisters age-wise, both live in Vegas these days.  K is a teacher and S is a student.  While S will stay in lovely Nevada, K spends her summers back home in Wisconsin.  How does she get there?  ROAD TRIP!

Yes, while part of my trip is to celebrate my birthday (and my 5th anniversary of my first Vegas trip), the main reason is that I'll be driving back to WI with K.  Last year, for those who don't know, I did the opposite trip - I drove from WI out to NV with her and then flew back (it was sort of a bachelorette celebration).  I'm looking forward to another great road trip (as, strangely, all of my major road trips in the past few years have been with K), and seriously happy to have my best friend back in the state for a few months.  :-)

So here's hoping everyone has a great weekend!  I know I will! 

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