Monday, June 27, 2011

Who Needs Sleep?

This gal.  :-(

The problem with having a clock you can read at night is that you can better count the number of times you wake up.  For example, I recall reading the following times between turning my light off around 11:45 last night and waking up to my first alarm at 7:10:


There may have even been other times where I just didn't bother to check the clock, as well.  Aye yi yi!

Part of it is my own fault.  Hubby and I took a 3.8 mile walk yesterday (which wore the puppers out and we actually had to carry her for part of it) and then ended up napping on the couches when we got home.  For a few hours.  Whoops.

Also, I apparently had my phone's volume on super high, because I can remember hearing the ding telling me I have a new email.  That's never woken me up before!  Ugh.

And then... Then there was the nightmare.  Nothing too graphic about this one, but it was terrifying.  I think I was a kid again and I was hiding from some hired killers who were at the house to kill my family.  I won't/can't go into much more detail, but suffice it to say that it woke me up and kept me up for a bit last night.

Here's hoping I don't fall asleep on my keyboard while working this AM.   

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