Friday, April 1, 2011


Not only is it Friday, but Hubby and I are getting ready for a mini-vacay with my family, and I am SO ready!  Sadly, we have to board Miss Maxine for the duration, but it won't be long, and hopefully she will enjoy the time with some other dogs (not likely, but not unheard of).  

In celebration and preparation of this little trip, here are some songs about getting away!

1) The Go Go's - "Vacation"  How could you NOT be pumped for vacation after listening to this song?  Oh, sure, it's about trying to get over an ex.  Who among us hasn't been there, am I right? 

2) Bowling for Soup - "Ohio (Come Back to Texas)"  So the singer of the song isn't going anywhere, but the subject is clearly on a bit of a break from the norm.  Although, if I was fleeing Texas, I'm not sure Ohio is really where I'd head...

3) Frank Sinatra - "Come Fly With Me" What girl wouldn't have taken Mr. Sinatra up on this offer?  Escaping reality with some booze in an exotic place with a gorgeous crooner?  Yep, count me in.

4) 33 West - "The Tijuana Song"  Oh, 33 West.  How I miss you.  Anywhoozles, this song's about the fun (and not-so fun) to be had in Tijuana.  An excellent song to dance to, and good for a bit of a laugh. 

5) Something Corporate - "I Woke Up In A Car"  Not exactly touring the most exciting places, but SC is definitely on the move in this song.  However, if you randomly wake up in a car, I'd suggest making sure you still have your wallet.  And your kidneys.

Enjoy the weekend, folks!  :-) 

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