Friday, March 23, 2012

The Race Home

Saturday morning marked our last few hours of Disney magic.  We woke up, packed up and went to put things in the car for the long drive home.  Hubby pointed out that it was a little sad going past Bestie and C's room, knowing they weren't there anymore, and I had to agree.  After one last sweep of the room, we closed the door behind us for the last time and headed for the car.  I finally broke down crying.

"We'll be back, hon..."

"I know.  It's not even that.  I'm just gonna miss [Bestie] so much.  I didn't realize just how much I missed her..."

I managed to stop crying long enough to get in the car and head to the resort's food court for breakfast (yay for Mickey waffles!).  After a brief stop at the gift shop (where I got my Haunted Mansion pins that Hubby had promised I could get), it was goodbye Disney, hello 20+ hours of driving!

We hadn't decided yet if we were going to stop somewhere for the night or just drive through.  On the one hand, sleep is good and we knew we'd be tired at some point.  On the other hand, if we weren't home by noon on Sunday to pick up the puppers, we wouldn't be able to get her until Monday!  It was a conundrum for sure.

Hubby drove the first couple hours, and then handed the wheel off to me so he could get a nap and do some of the later driving.  Unfortunately, this resulted in me driving through Atlanta, which was not on my list of things I wanted to do.  It wasn't actually terrible, but we did hit some traffic, and in a stick, stop-and-go is never fun.  

The one thing we had to look forward to was the Marietta Diner.  We had decided that we wanted to try to stop at a restaurant along our trip that had been on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Lo and behold, the Marietta Diner was along our route, so we made it a plan.  The place was packed when we pulled in, but the wait only ended up being about 20 minutes.  The worst part of the wait, I'm sad to say, wasn't that I had to pee or that I was so hungry I thought my stomach was eating itself.  Nope, the worst part was the Girl Scouts.  

I hate to admit that, because I am a Girl Scout!  But these girls were nuts.  They were Brownies (those brown sashes give it away every time), so they were younger girls, and they were selling cookies outside the diner.  When we approached the door, one of the little girls drawled, "Wanna buy some Girl Scout cookies?"  We politely declined and went to stand around and wait.  A second girl came and asked us, "Wanna buy some cookies?" and again, we declined.  At that point, I noticed that one of the girls was opening the door to the restaurant, jumping onto it, and riding it as it closed, all the while yelling, "Girl Scout cookies!  Get some Girl Scout cookies!"  The rest of the girls were running up and down the crowd, trying to peddle those damn cookies to anyone they could find.

I have respect for Girl Scouts doing booth sales, I really do, but these girls didn't make me want to buy cookies.  They made me glad I didn't have children.  They made me seriously happy when our name was called.  But they did not make me want to help them out.  

Anywhoozles, Marietta Diner has one of the biggest menus I've ever seen, and picking something for dinner was way more difficult than I had anticipated.  I ultimately chose a chicken parmigiana sub, which was delicious, but I only ate about half because the real thing I was after was dessert.  Marietta Diner has desserts up the wazoo.  For real, it's nuts!  We had a HUGE slice of peanut butter chocolate pie (with Reese's on it, of course) that we couldn't even finish between the two of us!  We had noticed everyone who left had a bag with leftovers, and we were no exception.  

It was at that point that we really decided that we were going for it: we were going to drive straight through the night.  We took turns driving and had to stop at a few rest areas to get out and wake up a bit, but eventually we made it.  We got to the place Maxi was being boarded around 7 AM, but they didn't open until 9.  We headed home to take a two hour nap before we went back to pick her up.

As long as the drive was, it was worth it when we got to see our puppers again.  We had missed her something awful, and I'm sure she missed us, too.  Vacation was over, and soon it would be back to work and school and all that reality bullshit, but there's something satisfying about being home again and sleeping in your own bed that somehow makes it OK. 

Oh, and my favorite part?  Cheshire Cat made it all the way from Disney back home.  He's one hell of a cat!

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